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Welcome the Sarnia Aquarium Society website. Our club is open to aquarium enthusiasts in the Sarnia Lambton area.

We meet every 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 at the Sarnia Christian School in the Band room

March 15th, 2016 - Our guest speaker will be Tim Hall owner of "We're So Koi" in Ridgetown Ontario. He will be speaking about pond basics
Up Coming Events
February 16, 2016 - Sarnia Aquarium Society Meeting

March 15, 2016 - Sarnia Aquarium Society Meeting

April 16, 2016 -Spring Auction at the Sarnia Christian School

April 19, 2016 - Sarnia Aquarium Society Meeting

April 16, 2016

Sarnia Christian School
1273 Exmouth St, Sarnia
Enter Gym from Exmouth parking lot

Sarnia Aquarium Society's
Spring Auction
Doors open at 9am
Auction starts at 11am

For more information,
Please contact

Jack VanderAa 519-542-8282
Bill Reckman 519-383-7995

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Presidents Message
WOW, how time flies. We are just recuperating from our Fall Auction and here we're getting ready for our Spring Auction.
I want to start off by welcoming our new members. I hope our group meets your expectations. I keep saying that we are a small Club, but we are very active and well respected in this community. It's actually amazing how many people with an aquarium, don't know we exist. Well, we need to change that. Secretary Bill and his lovely lady Marg have managed to find several more places to advertise. They have found news media that I didn't know existed. Web Master Ray has been keeping our web site up to date, and I want to thank all.

After a slight delay, we managed to get our Grow Contest on the way. Bruce Hart won the 2015 contest. Bruce is good, but let's see if we can beat him this year! Hey, winning 50 bucks plus a year's membership is nothing to sneeze at, and that's in addition to bragging rights!

Debbie and I just returned from Punta Cana. We had a fantastic time. One thing in particular that I want to tell you about is that you can get your feet massaged by little fish called Garra Rufa. These things are also known as Doctor Fish. It originated in Turkey and can be found all over the world now. These fish will eat dry skin and they apparently release, on your skin, an enzyme that causes a rejuvenating effect. I wasn't willing to let a hundred or so little fish tickle my feet. I giggle just thinking about it. This procedure is illegal in Ontario due to Health concerns. (can you believe it?) Using the same fish to clean the skin of multiple people can lead to the spread of infection.

Make sure you mark your calendar. APRIL 16 IS THE BIG DAY! Spring Auction is near.

C ya soon.

Pres. Jack