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  1. This is an open auction. Non-members are welcome to participate.
  2. All items for sale must be labelled with the seller’s name, name of fish, plant, or other item, number, sex if possible, and Minimum bid amount when applicable.  Proper labels must be used; writing on the bag is not acceptable.
  3. For fish, proper fish bags must be used and tied with elastics or knots.  Larger fish should be in buckets or Styrofoam boxes, as bags may be punctured.  Fish must be given adequate amounts of water and air space.  Rebagging charge will be $1 per bag.
  4. We retain the right to reject sick, deformed, or damaged fish.
  5. All equipment must be in working order.
  6. No cracked tanks will be accepted.
  7. Our club has the right to reject any item not meeting these standards.
  8. All items once sold become the responsibility of the buyer.
  9. The Sarnia Aquarium Society assumes no responsibility for any item entered in the auction or any personal injury occurring during the auction at our auction site.
  10. A request can be made to bring an item up for sale right away.  There will be a $2.00 charge for this bump up request.
  11. Sarnia Aquarium Society will retain 30% of the selling price of each item.
  12. All bidding will start at no less than $2.00, with $1.00 increments. 
  13. For any minimum bid items that do not sell, the seller will have a fee of $1.00 deducted from their proceeds.
  14. Your proceeds will be mailed to you.  A $1.00 charge for postage and handling will apply.
  15. All auction items must relate to the aquatic hobby.
  16. Any item not claimed at the end of the auction becomes the property of the Sarnia Aquarium Society.
  17. There is a limit of 6 bags per species per seller per colour submitted for sale. (e.g. 6 bags of blue guppies and 6 bags of red guppies is allowed) The Sarnia Aquarium Society may reject any items that exceed these limits.
For more information: either call Bruce Hart 519-683-2822 or Jack Vander Aa 519-542-8282
Auction rules
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